Post-Close Express

Intelligent automation dramatically cuts the time required to manage post-close documentation. Gateless enables lenders to streamline their post-closing process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy; having a direct impact on the bottom line. We save you time and money.

Post-Close Express in action

When the closing package is received, our AI technology identifies documents from our library of over 450 documents.

  • Documents are placed into the appropriate eFolder
  • Exceptions are easily managed within our user interface

Upon completion of processing within the application, the individual documents are returned to Encompass and placed into the appropriate eFolder.

“This works so well, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”

Nik Athanasiou,
COO Guaranteed Rate

“Instead of hiring 3x more people, we hired none.”

Roy Chowdhury,
CEO Allied Mortgage Group