Underwriting unblocked.
Decisions in seconds.

Gateless Smart UnderwriteTM matches integrations, document extraction & classification with underwriter-quality AI to deliver safe and secure loan approvals, at scale.

Save up to 6.5 days

(RESPA to Initial Submit)*

Gateless Borrower Tasks eliminate bottlenecks and save precious time.

Save up to 10 days

(RESPA to Approval)*

Gateless Smart Conditions eliminate bottlenecks and save precious time.

100% elimination of
key‑in errors

Gateless ensures that you will avoid costly mistakes of rejects and rework.

*Refis only, on average + classification & indexing, estimate

Reduce data overload and operating expenses

Gateless will help you to truly leverage data and user experience in a positive way, while decreasing operational expense in a material way. All without forcing the switching costs on the systems that your people interact with every day.

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With Smart Tasking, Gateless Smart UnderwriteTM only asks for what’s needed. Nothing more, nothing less.



Gateless Smart UnderwriteTM eliminates underwriting bottlenecks with intelligent integrations and automated rules that provide a Touchless loan experience. This significantly decreases time to underwrite, time to clear to close, and more.


Closing and Post-closing

Gateless Smart UnderwriteTM is automatically integrated with LOS systems such as Encompass, Byte and Empower. This means your operations team have instant access, in a place they already know. In addition, Gateless extracts and classifies your document in seconds, reducing stare-and-compare and providing your investors with a package they’ll adore.

Gateless, proven in the real-world

Built for the mortgage industry by industry experts, mortgage lenders no longer have to be blocked by previous underwriting limitations. Gateless Smart UnderwriteTM has been tested in the real-world processing more than a half-million loans.