Reduce origination cost and risk

Gateless Smart Underwrite™ identifies required loan conditions, analyzes data and documents, and automatically clears conditions; delivering faster, real-time, approvals.

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Cost Reduction

Driven by machine automation and exception-based processing

Exceptional Customer Experience

Resulting from real-time communication of needs and underwriting outcomes

Risk Reduction

by removing the risk of human error and ensuring compliance with investor guides

Real-time Results

Close higher quality loans at a fraction of the cost

Real-time Processing, Underwriting, and QC automation

Our Smart Underwrite solution combines real industry knowledge, expert systems, robotic process automation (RPA), and the artificial intelligence (AI) needed to transform the way mortgages are originated. Say hello to the future of lending!

Intelligent process automation of condition identification and clearing reduces the time, resource demand and risk tied to human-based tasks and decisions. The results: faster clear to close, cost reduction through exception-based processing, and more certainty when you sell your loan (less fighting over investor QC findings and potential repurchase demands).

Real-time underwriting of data and documents upon receipt, coupled with our proprietary smart tasking capability will take your borrower experience to another level. The results: precise, timely, communication of borrower needs, real-time communication of underwriting outcomes, up to and including a real-time initial underwriting approval with no human intervention.

And with seamless integration to Smart Underwrite, leveraging our modern API framework, you and your borrowers realize these benefits while you continue to operate in your native operating platform.

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Smart Underwrite™ in Action

The future of mortgage origination

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Efficiency reduces costs

Deliver higher-quality loans to investors

Faster clear to close

Superior borrower experience

Identifies required loan conditions

Analyzes data and documents

Automatically clears conditions

Drives real-time results