About Us

AI Tech & Mortgage IQ

As mortgage industry experts, we know that routine, mundane, repeatable tasks should be handled by machines, not people, and our mission is to use Artificial Intelligence to create real results.

Simplifying lending through intelligent automation

We recognize that the mortgage industry has yet to fully develop and embrace technology solutions that solve real problems and have a meaningful impact on the bottom line.

We can’t have Artificial Intelligence that is merely… artificial. It must be practical, it must make a real difference and it must solve real business problems. We get that.

Because we are part of the industry, not outsiders, we understand what the real tech needs are in our industry. We can identify the most important gaps… and then create solutions that seal those gaps forever.

Core Values


We rise to challenges and efficiently solve problems


We are diverse, inclusive, and act with integrity


We continuously evolve ourselves and our solutions


We engage fearlessly to get sh!t done

Experienced leadership

We are part of the industry, not outsiders who lack an understanding of where the real tech needs are in our industry.

Rick Lang

Chief Operating Officer

“For the last several years, I have been entirely focused on simplification of the mortgage origination process for every party involved in a transaction. Becoming part of this team, with the opportunity to deliver high-value industry solutions, was the best and most obvious path for me to fulfill that objective. I have no doubt that our solutions will have a profound experience, process and financial impact on lenders and the borrowers they serve.”

Paul Anastos

Strategic Advisor to the Board — Operations

“Having been a part of the mortgage industry for nearly two decades, I’ve experienced the pains in this industry first hand. For this reason, it would be an understatement to say that I’m thrilled to be part of a team that’s dedicated to implementing tech in a way that helps lenders lower costs while increasing productivity and efficiency at the same time.”

Dominick Marchetti

Strategic Advisor to the Board — Technology

“This technology is game changing for everyone involved in the loan process. By utilizing cutting-edge machine learning and AI, we have built and will continue to build products that completely transform labor-intensive tasks into ones that are done in seconds, automatically and precisely.”