Sarah Yerkovich

VP of Product & Design


As an avid traveler and marathon runner, Sarah knows it’s all about the journey. As a VP of Product & User Experience Design, with a proven track record of creating user-centric digital experiences, she places customers’ own journey front and center.

Having navigated the dynamic environments of both startups and corporate giants, spanning a range of industries, from retail to food tech and real estate. Sarah brings a unique perspective to product and UX design leadership given her background in product management, coupled with design strategy and user research, which allows her to orchestrate seamless experiences from conception to completion.

With a deep understanding of industry trends and emerging technologies, Sarah is dedicated to staying at the forefront of product & design innovation. She is committed to fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration within her teams, ultimately leading to the development of cutting-edge products.

Throughout her career, Sarah has led numerous cross-functional teams, delivering innovative and user-friendly products for Foot Locker,, Farmer’s Fridge as well as delivering websites for professional services.

As a leader in Product and UX Design, Sarah is poised to continue driving impactful design solutions that resonate with users and meet business objectives.