John Nason

Director of DevOps & Information Security


John Nason has served in many software development roles for over 20 years. He has been building cloud-native, multi-tenant, SaaS technology since 2015. A passion for systems-level engineering and design has shifted his focus from application development to Platform Engineering, DevOps, Site Reliability, and InfoSec in the more recent portion of his career. John has been contributing to Gateless technology since 2020.

Since joining Gateless John has helped oversee the development and implementation of the InfoSec program and offers ongoing contributions to site reliability, platform infrastructure development, and reduction of developer friction. Before joining Gateless, John was Principal DevOps Architect at AI Foundry, and a Lead Software Engineer on Platform Engineering at IBM building out a mission critical DB-as-a-Service platform.

In his current role of Director of DevOps and InfoSec, John works diligently to ensure a robust, reliable, and secure platform. John currently resides in Massachusetts.