Industry January 23, 2024

Gateless Announces Partnership With Halcyon Leading Provider of Tax-Transcript Solutions

Gateless, a visionary mortgage technology company focused on transforming the mortgage origination process using real-time, intelligent automation, announced a new partnership with Halcyon. This partnership and integration will give Smart Underwrite, the Gateless flagship product, the ability to automatically consume and evaluate tax data sourced and delivered by Halcyon.


“Partnering with Gateless represents an obvious choice, offering the industry an automated solution for a complex process,” remarks Kirk Donaldson, CEO of Halcyon. “Employing our digitized tax transcript data to power Smart Underwrite enables lenders to eliminate the need for extensive quality control and concentrate on addressing specific anomalies queued up for review.”

Gateless Smart Underwrite drives real-time automation within a lender’s process using seamless API integrations with the lender’s platform, as well as their selected third-party source data providers. This new integration with Halcyon will allow Smart Underwrite to consume vital tax transcript information directly from the IRS, on behalf of mutual lender clients. Smart Underwrite will analyze this data, along with other loan data and documentation immediately upon receipt, leveraging artificial intelligence and expert systems to automatically identify and clear loan conditions. This automated underwriting framework establishes a new standard, yielding exception-based processing, cost reduction, risk reduction, and an expedited borrower experience.

Gateless Smart Underwrite revolutionizes mortgage lending by seamlessly integrating real-time automation, particularly in assessing creditworthiness. Its intuitive API integration with Halcyon effortlessly delivers vital tax transcript data directly into the Smart Underwrite application for lenders. This innovative platform swiftly analyzes loan data and documentation upon receipt, leveraging artificial intelligence and expert systems to automatically identify and clear loan conditions promptly.

“Smart Underwrite is reshaping the mortgage lending landscape through intelligent automation,” stated Katie King, Chief Risk Officer & Head of Partnerships. “Our collaboration with Halcyon establishes crucial synergies between data and technology, empowering lenders to streamline processes, enhance profitability, and better manage risk.”

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