Industry February 7, 2024

Gateless Integrates with Freddie Mac to Offer First of its Kind Income Verification Solution

Gateless, a visionary mortgage technology company, proudly announces its integration with Freddie Mac's AIM Check application programing interface (API).


This integration links Gateless’ intelligent automation products with Freddie Mac’s AIM Check API allowing lenders to benefit from an early income assessment from Loan Product Advisor® (LPASM). Lenders will benefit from increased opportunities tied to the real-time calculation of qualified income, and the inherent operational efficiency, accelerated borrower experience, and lender certainty, which comes with that calculation.

Gateless customers can take advantage of this opportunity by leveraging either its flagship product Smart UnderwriteTM, or its latest offering VeriClearTM. Smart UnderwriteTM is a comprehensive solution which embeds underwriting automation, beginning at the point of sale, driving real-time interpretation, analysis, and calculation of data and documentation the second that information is received. The results: underwriting conditions cleared, and underwriting decisions made, with limited human involvement, in a fraction of the time. This integration with AIM Check now gives Smart UnderwriteTM customers the added piece of mind that comes with LPA’s automated calculation of qualifying income tied to data extracted from borrower supplied documents, starting with W-2s and paystubs.

For Gateless customers not ready to fully embrace the future of mortgage originations, and the level of end-to-end platform automation offered by Smart UnderwriteTM, Gateless offers VeriClearTM, a lighter weight, lower cost product that simply addresses income analysis and calculation. Like Smart UnderwriteTM, VeriClearTM users will have the opportunity to receive LPA’s calculation of qualifying income associated with data extracted from W-2s and paystubs.

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