Job Posting September 6, 2022

Software Engineer, Latin America


Teamwork. At Gateless, we know the only way to become the best company in any industry is by making sure folks know what to do, how to do it, and enabling them to work together as a team.

Gateless assists lenders to unblock their underwriting bottleneck at scale. This is accomplished through a novel approach that will put an end to stagnate mortgage software and antiquated time-consuming processes.

Do you like Functional Programming? Great, we do too. That’s why Clojure is a first-class citizen in our stack. How about Logic Programming? Great. We’re building a modern Expert System to revolutionize the mortgage and lending industry. We have combined Clojure, Clara Rules, and AWS to form a modern Rules based Distributed System.

We are a remote first company and believe that open communication and effective teamwork can happen regardless of where you work.

What you’ll do:
  • Contribute to the design, architecture, and development of our automated underwriter platform
  • Work in Clojure and Clara Rules on a distributed Expert System
  • Work on frontend code with JavaScript and Svelte
  • Contribute to and help tune our AWS Step Functions
  • Work with our DevOps team on our autoscaling Containers running in ECS and managed through Terraform
  • Work with business analysts to codify business logic into RETE-optimized rulesets
  • Join us for game nights including video games and Dungeons & Dragons
Who you are:
  • You are pragmatic and factor business value into every decision
  • Enjoy being a part of a team
  • Rock-solid communication skills
  • Comfortable working in Clojure
  • Experienced with distributed microservice architectures
  • Bonus points for experience with:
    • Financial technology
    • AI / Expert Systems
    • AWS / Terraform

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