Job Posting July 13, 2021

Data Architect


We are looking for candidate that has extensive experience with data platforms like Snowflake that support aggregation of data from multiple sources into central data stores that support both static business queries and ad-hoc data exploration (analytics). The data architect will be responsible for working with development teams that are generating data to be aggregated, and business stakeholders who are looking to derive insights form data. The data architect:

  • should have experience working with a variety of data sources include Amazon S3, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, and relational databases such as Postgres
  • should have experience in architecting and building high performance pipelines (speed, robustness) for ingesting large volumes of data into the central store (ETL pipelines)
  • should be familiar with data warehousing and dimensional modeling
  • should have demonstrated building of multiple large capacity warehouses, and be able to discuss those projects in detail (business use cases, challenges, technical architecture, deployment architecture, usage patterns)
  • should have detailed understanding of SQL query performance
  • should ideally have experience in the development of commercial software products, and be familiar with agile development methodology
  • Additional items of interest include work with sensitive data that for example contains PII, multi-tenant architecture that supports logical separation of data belonging to different parties, extensive experience with cloud computing and Amazon AWS, DevOps

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